AW18 Street Style Trends

Personal Stylist, Aysha, has been monitoring the trends of the season and listed the key looks we should all be wearing this Fall.


Checkered Everything

From blazers to pants to scarves find ways to incorporate this print into your wardrobe

Photo by @tommyton, @andotherstories and @polliani

Oversized knits and pleats

I’ve combined these two micro-trends because they both compliment each other. You can choose to wear them separately or together. With the knits, think jewel tones (ruby, sapphire, emerald) and with the pleats you can mix and match with a few trends already listed here.

Photo by @louloudesaison, @andotherstories and @_jeanettemadsen_

Into the Wild

This is one of my favorites for the season because it’s just an excuse to push yourself outside your comfort zone. Wear leopard print in any color and combine it with zebra. The sky’s the limit.

Photo by @marianne_theodorsen, @andotherstories and @camillecharriere

80's Throwback

Think bright make up, over the top shoulders, vinyl jackets/pants/skirts, leather, sequins. You get the picture. I placed this slide right after the animal prints because the former can cross over quite easily into this slide.

Photo by @_jeanettemadsen_, @rosiehw and @chloessevigny

Slick in Silk

Anything from a matching pajama set to mismatched scarf print dresses and tops. Think of it as chic ladylike boudoir dressing with a dash of Hugh Hefner.

Photo by @bluetifulmilano, @songofstyle, @andotherstories and @tibi


My top favorite accessories for this season are: the next gen of dad sneakers (the chunkier/quirkier the better), chunky combat boots, bucket bag and bucket hat, textured and structured bag, skinny strap sandals, and finally, jeweled heels.

Photo by @gestuz and @edie_parker