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Lanhtropy Lanhtropy
Based in Miami, FL and founded in 2016 Lanhtropy makes thoughtfully resort wear pieces of 100% natural linen fibres designed to fit the practical, minimalist woman who seeks to find peace throughout her day.
Lanhtropy was created with the idea that every woman that wears it should live life freely, enjoy it, feeling natural and beautiful. We hope you can accompany us on this journey to inspire and find all things happy together.
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  • Lanhtropy
    Alcala Linen Short Dress in Petrol
    US$ 176,00
    Feminine Oversized Grey/Blue Linen Dress
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    New Season
  • Lanhtropy
    Maria Dress in Mustard
    US$ 209,00
    Linen Strap Dress in Yellow
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    New Season
  • Lanhtropy
    Alcala Linen Short Dress in Mustard
    US$ 176,00
    Feminine Oversized Yellow Linen Dress
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    New Season
  • Lanhtropy
    Sophia Midi Dress in Night Blue Linen
    US$ 196,00
    Blue Linen Midi Dress
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  • Lanhtropy
    Spirit Top in Black
    US$ 144,00
    Soft Black Linen Top
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    New Season
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