After hearing rave reviews about The St Regis' Reggae Nights, we had to get there asap to hear Buggy Nhakente and his band turn out some tunes. Dancing away the night, toes in the sand, stars in the sky - the Reggae Nights are now one of our favourite things to do in the Gulf and we got an exclusive interview with Buggy!

1. Who is in your band?

When I do perform with them it is Jamal Browne(drums) Elvis Edwards (bass) Daniel Medford (Keys) Rhesa Garnes (vocals)

2. Tell us a little about yourself... 

I am a 6 times Barbados music award winner ... leading reggae artist from Barbados I enjoy reading, writing, motocross riding, cricket and backgammon when I'm not on stage of course.

3. How did you get into music? And what/who inspires you?

My schoolmates encouraged me to pursue music since I used to make up songs about most things at school and about things I saw and experienced in my neighbourhood. They would always ask me " why don't you become a singer?" Life and all it's interesting and amazing experiences inspires me.


4. Who is your musical hero?

I have musical heroes and not just in reggae music .. They range from Bob Marley to Ray Charles to Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye in recent times my heroes have been dominantly from the reggae genre as they continue to defend and maintain the principles which the music has been known for all these years.

5. You were recently in Qatar playing at The St Regis, how was that experience?  How were you received?

This was and continues to be a wonderful experience we were and still continue to be very well received, our show continues to grow and generate more momentum.

6. What surprised you the most about living and working in Doha? Do you have any insider tips for cool things to do in Qatar?

My biggest surprise was to find out that a few Barbadians already live and work in Qatar.

7. What was your favourite thing about living in the Gulf?

Listening to experiences from people who're from countries I only see or hear about in the media.


8. Do you have any tips for newbies to the region?

Observe the society, be very mindful of the laws, keep hydrated, socialize as it's always good to meet people who already have an understanding of how the country operates and by all means totally enjoy the experience.

9. Were there any similarities between Qatar and Barbados?

Yes there's a kind of relaxed mode of people which can be easily recognized in both countries.

10. What songs/musicians should we be listening to this summer at the beach?

Allow us to surprise you.

11. What are your plans for the future? Do you have anything coming up and where can we find you?

I've been working with a new company Raggamuffin ent. I'm currently working on my third album the main focus right now is breaking new markets and making records that can penetrate these markets.

Thank you Buggy for giving an insight into your interesting life and career!

Reggae Nights at The St Regis, Doha returns this September. Stay tuned here for exact details.