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Caring for your swimsuit is essential. It will help keep the colour and shape,
meaning you can wear it for summers to come.

1. Wash your swimsuit in cold water after every wear. This will help remove salt, chlorine, body oil and sun tan lotion.  Even if you are only sunbathing we still recommend washing your swimsuit after wearing it. Do this by hand – never in a washing machine – and use a mild soap or detergent that is suitable for delicates.

2. Gently squeeze out the water of your swimsuit after washing – do not twist or wring it, be gentle, as you don’t want to ruin the shape.

3. Finally, lay your swimsuit out flat to dry. Do not hang it! Try to find a shaded location so that your swimsuit doesn’t fade and never put your swimsuit into a dryer.


-       Always try and sit on a towel or sarong so that your swimsuit doesn’t snag from rough surfaces

-       If you love hot tubs and Jacuzzi’s then try and allocate one swimsuit just for that, as the hot water can be bad for swimwear.

-       Always wait till your swimsuit is fully dry before putting it away.

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