Fifi's Diary

Most diaries such as this start on Day 1, however I feel I need to share the anxiety and concerns I have had for about a week before starting. Yes, a week.  My distaste for faddy diets, of starving myself of solid food and of how I might react on a juice detox have all been of concern.

Will I be in such a foul mood that my family can’t stand me; will I have smelly breath so colleagues and clients won’t come near me, and will I be able to socialize while not having eaten?

On the latter, food seems such an essential part of our socializing with friends that I feel I may need to veto all events for the 3 days. A shame as I insisted I’d this over the weekend, though sister has said she didn’t think it a good idea.

Yes, sister and I are going to be doing this together. I hear having a ‘juice buddy’ is a good idea and she seems to be the calmer of the two of us doing this. She has done cleanses, detoxes and the like before so I hope leads me to successfully complete my 3 days. The alternative, which could also happen, is two very hungry sisters having a massive row and not talking to each other for a week.


Day 1.   

6.45am I’ve woken up with a slightly funny tummy. Could it be my nerves playing up or that my dinner wasn’t ideal, I don’t know.  The knock on the door at  this early hour sees Mr Diet Delight deliver a big, nicely branded green box of juices ready for me to refrigerate. These take up a full shelf and compete with sister’s fruit and veg shelf.

I decided to start the day on a familiar tone and have my usual Twinning’s Detox Tea. I find this tea is one of the more delicate ones on an empty stomach and always a nice way to hold off having my morning coffee. However, today I will be chasing the tea with a juice.

I start with the first juice of the day – a green one – normally I would raise an eyebrow at anyone drinking something like this, and here I am becoming one of those people. Oh irony, you are everywhere.   It isn’t half as bad as I thought it would be, however due to my general distaste of any juice it takes a good 30 mines to finish.   I start to get a fuzzy tongue too. Is this normal?

Midmorning requires another juice, I want to keep the momentum with them so that I don’t suddenly feel hunger pangs and cave in.  By mid afternoon so far so good. I am not hungry, however I do veto the 3rd drink, as it tastes too horrible to bear. Herbal tea comes to the rescue.

By 5pm I am out the door though, concentration levels have seriously dropped and all I want it my bed. I get home and proceed to go for an emergency nap. I am awoken an hour later and drink my next juice and some more teas and water.

It’s Thursday so a casual night out with friends is on the cards. To avoid the temptations of food and alcohol I would much rather sit at home and mope around, however I decide to venture forth.  I seem to be ticking many pet peeves boxes today.   I was that annoying person who isn’t drinking or eating when everyone else was, the one who asks for a very specific thing off the menu because they are on a strange diet, and of course the entire subject of the evening was my juice detox. Something I really didn’t want to draw attention too.

One thing I do notice is that normally when out drinking wine and having dinner I get very tired quickly after eating, however this evening I am awake and have energy to stay out longer than normal.


Day 2.

I heard that by today I will start to have a bounce in my stride or a sparkle in my eye, but none of those things are happening. The thought of another day without solid food and especially a weekend is depressing. Normally a weekend brunch is in order, however that is out of the question and I am back on my juices.

The circles under my eyes seem darker and I am ready to nod off throughout the day, not conducive to working or being much fun.    I haven’t had a bowel movement now since I started the cleanse, not sure if this is normal or not.

By 4 in the afternoon I am really starting to lag. Leila keeps reminding me that this? is 3 days of an entire lifetime, but frankly I cant see any benefits or reason to do this.  Food comes up in a lot of discussions and I am starting to worry that my weight will balloon next week when I binge on all the things I have been craving. Not good. A plan is required to stop that happening, so we will be off to the supermarket later to prepare for healthy bites for the week ahead.

Its 5pm – I have caved. I make a sandwich and it tastes so good to be eating again. I lasted nearly 48 hours, I feel part guilty that I didn’t continue and keep on going with her, but also that I have actually wasted 2 days. My energy has been so low that I have hardly been productive or did anything much really. What a waste of a weekend.

By 8pm I have decided to really put all my hard work to shame by ordering a pizza. Its been on my mind since the cleanse started. And yes I know I am completely ruining all the hard work.


Day 3.

I weight myself and have despite the pizza and sandwich still lost half a kilo. However I am pretty sure I will put that back on today when I eat normally. My appetite has definitely diminished a little though.   I didn’t see any immediate benefits, maybe I needed to do it for longer, I don’t know. All I know is that my eyes didn’t shine brighter, my stomach wasn’t particularly flatter and I didn’t sleep better (just needed to sleep more).  I had no energy and didn’t find any kind of elation or peace by doing this. Shame.




Leila's Diary

It’s funny because I am sure my sister won’t give the official detailed version of the juice terms. Why should she – she got the long straw (or so she says!). It’s the juice off. Or the juice on. Or whatever it is we are going off to get on. I’m already confused.

The 3 day cleanse goes like this: My sister gets 3 days of juice delivered to the flat at 6am, with 6 juices for each day, daily juiced, packaged in a pretty way, looking delightful, tasty and oh so fresh for 90bhd. While I, for the same price, have to buy a juicer and 3 days worth of fruit and veg for all under 90bhd. I find a good deal on a Panasonic 800kwat juicer (fyi folks, its all bout the motor speed with these things) at 48bhd.

Then it’s off to the supermarket to buy my first days worth of fruit. I get a sneak peak preview of my sister’s menu and this is all I can see – the names:



So, I decide its time to make up my own juices and where best to look, no other than google itself. After hours of browsing online I find this overwhelming but enthusiastic juicing site: The Juice Master. I go on enthusiasm alone!

Here I compile my version of the juices above ready for my preparation (these can be found below).

First supermarket round: Cucumber * 3, Celery: 1 bunch, Apples * 16, Lemon * 3, Ginger *3, Carrot * 4, Red seedless grapes * 1 bunch. Grand total: 10bhd, I will come in under budget at this rate.

I have enough fruit and veg to fill the entire fridge. For dinner I eat happily; too much wine, too many carbs and too much joy, plus a snickers – don’t ask my why. I don’t get the fear my sister has, and its starting to make me angry. It’s juice. All food can be pulverised. Steak, chips. Simple no? I guess I will truly find out.



Day 1

Wake up: 7am

First thought: Ugh. I have to make a juice first thing in the morning. I decide I am not hungry. I can wait. I’m too tired without any coffee and I am not allowed coffee.

8.30am: Green Juice, prep time: 10 mins.

Taste: Delicious– I really don’t have much to say!

Midday: still full but bored – My mind wants solid food.

12.30pm: Carrot Zinger, prep time:  5 mins.

Not carroty, but very orange. Quite nice, lots of ginger here so good taste disguiser, makes it have a kick.

Thoughts: WASHING UP AGAIN IS SO ANNOYING. You have to dismantle the juicer, wash all 5 parts having thrown away the fruit waste and put it to dry.

By 2pm I am hungry and it’s Red Power time. I want to write more but I’m sleepy, head in hands, nodding off. I can’t concentrate for more than 5 minutes.

5:30pm, sister is home and I’m ‘bored hungry’, not ‘hungry hungry’.

Last juice of the day in the end, I can’ t be bothered to make more. Too tired, too much washing – I just don’t care. I get to bed at 10pm.


Day 2

I manage to sleep 10 hours and I am still tired- lethargic even – I can’t get up from bed.

Breakfast: I consume what is left over from yesterday, which is quite a bit: 2 apples, 2 carrots, 2 celery, and pomegranate juice.

Continue to juice throughout the day, but I am fed up with washing the juicer every time. I am also very tired – I am actually now just juicing whatever I see fit. Apples go well with everything, carrots too. Lots of spare celery. If you are lucky like me and like lemon/sour things you can’t really go wrong.


Day 3

Saturday I manage to sleep 12 hours (surely this is bad) and I’m still lethargic. I am now on my sister’s juices seeing she slap-dash-pizza-outted last night and called it quits. It’s quite nice having them fresh and made. I take a little icebox when I go out today and bring 2 with me for the day. I feel fine. Plus in addition I have the detox water which is just water with floating cranberries, lemon and mint, my favourite way of keeping cold water in the fridge.

PM. Tonight I have a light dinner, steamed vegetables and ryvita. I weigh myself and see I’ve lost 1.5kg. in 3 days. Feeling pow wow. Feeling light. Feeling I could do this forever now I’ve seen the results, results I know that cannot and will not be sustainable. Stomach is nice and flat, feeling clean. I notice my appetite has reduced greatly.

Verdict: 3 days on and I’m still half on and half off the juice cleanse. I try to juice in the morning, lunch I eat like a normal person, (I can’t stomach meat yet weirdly and I can’t finish my daily coffee). I then go for a light dinner or juice depending if I am home or not. The overall feeling: more energy, back to sleeping 5 hours fine and well.



Juice recipe’s I used:

Green juice: 1/2 cucumber, 1 stick celery, 1 cup spinach, 6 green apples (preferably Golden Delicious), 1/4 lime, peeled, 1/2 inch fresh ginger

Citrus sensation: 2 carrots, 2 apples, 1 inch slice of lemon – where possible, wax free and with rind, ¼ inch of fresh ginger, 2 ice cubes

Carrot zinger: 1 inch slice large carrot, 2 apples (Golden Delicious or Royal Gala are best), 1/2 stick celery, 1/2 inch slice unwaxed lemon, 1/2 slice ginger

Red power: 1 large handful of red grapes, 1 large handful of pomegranate, 2 apples


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