5 Superfood Ingredients to look out for

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Maqui berries: This small purple berry grows in Southern Chile and is being hailed as the next big superfood. While we are all familiar with the anti-aging properties of most berries including acai and blueberries, Maqui berries are still unknown to most of us. Locals have been enjoying their health benefits for years, and recent studies have revealed they are the most powerful antioxidant of all berries, with an exceptionally high content of anthocyanin. Maqui berries can also aid with diabetes, weight loss, detoxing and dry eyes.


Dulse (Red Algae): the particularity of this superfood is that it tastes like bacon when cooked – no, you haven’t misread! Researchers at Oregon State University have discovered a new strain of red algae called Dulse which is packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, has twice the nutritional value of kale, and has a strong taste of bacon when fried. Combine these properties with the fact that it can be grown quickly and pretty much everywhere, and you have the perfect ingredients for everyone’s next favourite superfood.

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Kakadu Plum: Also known as gubinge, billygoat plum or murunga, this Australian fruit grows on native bush plants and looks like a small green plum. The Aboriginal people would both eat the tangy fruits and boil the plant’s bark to make tea and treat skin conditions. Kakadu Plums are one of the most concentrated sources of vitamin C, with more than 100 times the vitamin C content of oranges and 5 times higher anti-oxidant properties than blueberries. The easiest way to reap this fruit’s immune-boosting properties is to sprinkle some pure Kakadu Plum powder on to your breakfast bowl every morning.


Nut Oils: Move over nut butters - this year will see the rise of cold-pressed nut oils. From walnut to hazelnut, almond to cashew, nut oils will soon be in every self-respecting health shop. Nut oils are rich in monosatured fatty acids, which reduce inflammation in the body and help to protect against heart disease, amongst other things. They have a strong taste and are best used raw, as cooking can diminish their nutritional value. Creamy avocado oil is packed with Vitamin E, carotenoids and lutein which deeply hydrate the skin and leave it soft and glowing.


Activated Charcoal: Charcoal has been used for thousands of years in Chinese, Ayurvedic and Western Medicine for its detoxifying properties, and is now making a comeback as a superfood ingredient. Charcoal gently binds to toxins and chemicals in the body and carries them out, proving effective both in cases of overeating and food poisoning. Charcoal lemonade is becoming popular in juice bars as an all-round detox and hangover cure. Its impurity-binding properties can also be used for teeth-whitening and skin-cleansing.

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