6 Fitness accounts to follow in Instagram

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Spoiler alert: plenty of beach body inspiration below!

Written by Parissa Venturini



If you’ve spent most of the past months longing for hot sand between your toes, rejoice! Not long to go now before you can show off the gorgeous swimwear you’ve been saving in your closet. The bikinis are there and waiting to make a beach debut, but are you? Being “bikini ready” doesn’t mean looking like an Instagram model - let’s face it, most fitness models spend their lives exercising and eating right to look like that - but it does mean getting out of winter hibernation mode and adopting healthier habits that will in turn help you to feel good about yourself on the beach.

There’s certainly no better time for kick-starting your workout regime than when the sun starts shining again! We’ve handpicked 6 Instagram fitness accounts to motivate and inspire you in the final sprint towards summer.




@fitgurlmel Melissa Alcantara’s Instagram account has undoubtedly been one of the most followed accounts of the past year (and with good reason). Whether you keep up with the Kardashians or not, there’s no denying that reality star Kim is currently in the best shape of her life. Trainer Melissa is the woman behind this transformation, after being noticed for her own insane body transformation. If Melissa and Kim can do it, so can you. For additional motivation, Melissa posts daily clips of her gym workouts on Instagram stories as well.


Photo by @fitgurlmel



@krissycela Sweet, down-to-earth and very in touch with her public, law student Krissy Cela has gone from zero to 946k followers in no time at all. We’ll let you choose whether it’s because of her ever-improving shape, fully explained exercise videos, or her genuine devotion to her followers. It doesn’t hurt that she’s brutally honest about her skin issues and imperfections, making her both likeable and extremely relatable, especially for younger women. Head to her account for hundreds of different exercise and workout combinations.


Photo by @krissycela



@kayla_itsines There’s no stopping her – literally. The Kayla Itsines fitness phenomenon, now in its fifth year, keeps growing and attracting followers worldwide. People love the Australian trainer’s BBG (Bikini Body Guide) because it’s simple, easy to follow, and most importantly, it works. Head over to Kayla’s Instagram account for fitness tips, exercise videos, incredible “before and after” client transformation pictures and meal ideas.


Photo by @kayla_itsines



@balletbeautiful Everyone has a different perception of what a fit physique looks like; for some women, it’s more about having a graceful ballerina body rather than having a strong and muscular one. Marie Helen Bowers, former New York City Ballet dancer, transformed her love of the art form into a series of ballet-inspired workouts accessible to everyone. Ballet Beautiful classes are a big favourite with models and celebrities. Head over to the @balletbeautiful Instagram account for all things ballet and work out video clips.


Photo by @balletbeautiful



@elcuerpodepapi The fact that he’s Adriana Lima’s trainer (along with a whole series of other Victoria’s Secret Angels) should be reason enough to follow his fitness advice. Michael Olajide Jr., former boxing champion and founder of Aerospace NYC, is a fan of boxing-inspired workouts. If you take one thing away from his Instagram account, let it be how important jumping rope is, both for warming up, and for intervals. In Michael’s own words, skipping is the perfect cardio workout as it engages the whole body without placing heavy strain on your joints. Check out his page if Adriana Lima’s beach body is inspiration enough (we’re already on it!).


Photo by @elcuerpodepapi



@amandabisk Former Australian pole vaulter Amanda Bisk decided to turn to fitness when she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue in 2011. Aside from being extremely flexible and having a good eye for gorgeous natural photographic settings, Amanda also has degrees in sports science, rehabilitation and certifications in CrossFit, yoga and pole vaulting, which guarantee that her followers receive safe and professional advice. You’ll find plenty of yoga flow vidoes, exercise ideas and beautiful yoga landscape shots in her Instagram feed.


Photo by @amandabisk


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