9 Wedding Outfit ideas you need this summer

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Summer is well under way, which means Wedding Season has officially started – and together with it also the excitement of what to wear!  If you haven’t already planned your outfits, keep reading – there are plenty of different styles to choose from.

Silk is a major trend this year, and its beauty is that it instantly heightens the elegance of any outfit. Off-the-shoulder dresses and ruffles are also big favourites, while lace and crochet details add a touch of sophistication.

Depending on where and when the wedding is taking place, you should take into account the quality of the fabric you’ll be wearing. An early afternoon outdoors wedding in the height of summer will most certainly require a light, breathable fabric such as cotton, whereas an evening celebration or an indoors one with air conditioning will allow for a greater variety of fabrics, such as silk and lace.

We’ve made your life easier by selecting a few outfits that will work whether this year’s weddings are by the beach, in the countryside or in the city.


Beachside Wedding

Who doesn’t love a dreamy, intimate wedding right in front of the sea? Beach weddings can have the most stunning views; think Capri, French Riviera, Formentera. Depending on how literally the “beach” part is intended, there may also be some sand involved. Cue: a long, floaty dress that can be worn with flat sandals as well.


Countryside Wedding

Countryside weddings often involve long hours in the open, so your safest bet is to wear something light and airy. You’ll be surrounded by greenery and nature, so why not embrace the bohemian vibe and opt for a floral pattern or an earth tone dress?



City Wedding

The advantage of city weddings is that you can experiment with more fashion-forward pieces and wear shorter dresses than you normally would. Your favourite stilettos will be safe from mud or sand, and chances are you’ll have the A/C on your side as well, so you’ll be able to wear any fabric you like. Bold colours and patterns work well in the city, especially when paired with glamorous accessories. Black dresses, which are usually avoided at beachside or countryside summer weddings, are also a good choice in an urban setting, both in an LBD and longer length.


Writer: Parissa Venturini @Pari_VV
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