An Instagram Guide to... Hong Kong (2017)

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There's something magical and truly energetic about Hong Kong. This metropolitan Asian hub is a feast for the eyes, stomach and more. Whether you spend 24 hours wandering around or a few days longer, a trip here is a treat not to be missed. Here's our instagram guide to wonderful Hong Kong. Start your day on a healthy note with a hike to Repulse Bay.



Then stop by our favourite, Limewood House for a slap up meal and plenty of refreshments.


Then spend the afternoon wandering around PMQ, a fascinating hub of craftsman and boutiques.


For dinner we like to head out for some hearty local fare at Din Tai Fung.


Followed by a night cap at our favourite bar, Iron Fairies.


Before heading to the airport the next day, it's important to stop and give thanks at Man Mo Temple.


"He who returns from a journey, is not the same as he who left" - Chinese Proverb


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