Social Distancing Style

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What style are you?

Social Distancing Style

by Contributor Aysha Mattar


What style have you stumbled upon since Covid19 took over? 

I got asked this question last week by the Maison du Maillot team and it got me thinking. I’ve been feeling extremely unlike myself mentally and I believe it’s been showing in almost every aspect of my life. If I wasn’t put into a position to post a look, promote a collaboration, or even show up for a live, I would have dove deeper into this rabbit hole of self pity and confusion. Which brings me back to the MdM teams question, I left it blank for a day or two and that kind of got my brain working again (all I do is teach a five and six year old lately so fashion has been put on hold sadly). What is my self isolation style? I’ve looked at the people I follow and how they have styled themselves and have come to the conclusion that there are three types of looks (note… athleisure I’m not really counting as many of us are wearing it as a push to actually work out, only form of normalcy we can hold onto). But what do I wear post shower? I’ve been ‘testing’ out different options and looks/styles and they are:



1. Lounge Wear: 

Fancy PJ sets and robes where comfort meets sleepwear but this completely depressed me making each day feel even more of ground hog day-esque than ever so I shelved that immediately. It definitely didn’t work for this mama who had to be a teacher bright and early.


Casual Comforts



2. Sweat Pant and Jumper Sets 

After testing this out over the weekend it’s fast becoming my favourite. You can still accessorise it because of how neutral the pieces are and completely make it your own.


Centre: Mara Hoffman



3. Beachwear


Because you want to be comfortable while you literally walk around your house/neighbourhood. Given the country I currently live in, this was my go to until I realised how much weight I’ve gained and how the cute flowy dresses helped accentuate that weight so I’ve also decided to put those pieces on hold until further notice (ie until I lose my social distancing weight).


Centre: Mirth



Which one of these styles do you feel relates to you? We would love to hear from you...


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