A Globetrotter's Best Friend

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For packing nerds:

Packing Pro – Ok so yes we admit it, we are packing nerds here at MdM. You can save multiple trips, whether long or short, and it will make sure that you don’t forget your favourite bikini at home!












Getting to your destination:

Triptracker – We love this app for its live flight status updates, weather reports and route maps. For when you may get delayed or haven’t actually thought of accommodation there is also a nifty hotel section too.


For calling home:

Viber We all get homesick sometimes or want to call the pet sitter to check on our furry friends. Viber lets you make free calls while abroad through wifi and is great when you are home-side as well.

For when it’s dinner time:

Trip Advisor We live to eat here at MdM and food is an essential part of any vaycay. For honest, clear and comprehensive results trusty ol’ Trip Advisor is still one of the best.

Making memories:

Pro HDR – Taking great snaps is half the fun and this app will make sure your photos are full-resolution HDR image, but without having to lug around an actual camera. Say cheese!

For getting around:

CityMapper – Ok so this one is for only a few cities at present – London, New York and Paris - however the list is growing and we just had to share it. This is the app to get you around these cities in the quickest most efficient ways possible.

Hailing a taxi:

Uber – This one is perfect for when you want to jump in a cab and get to your dinner reservation, need to get to the airport or have to cross town to visit a museum. Uber lets you hail cabs in the easiest way, straight from your phone. Regionally you can also use Uber in Doha, Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Take in some history:

What Was There This one is a real gem. It lets you view historic photos and plots locations with your smart phone map, so that you can get a full on experience of the history that surrounds you.


Staying sun safe:

Sunscreen Reapplying Reminder - We take sunscreen applying seriously at MdM.  No one wants to be joking around with UV rays and this app is perfect for travelling and also back home here in the Middle East. And yes, it does what it says, reminds you to reapply that SPF.

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