6 Tips for a Mindful Summer

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It might be mid August and thoughts of summer's end might be on your mind.  But it's still not too late to really reap all those holiday health, spiritual and physical benefits


Here's our handy guide to staying mindful this summer...

Written by Fifi Faiz



1. Even if you are working in an office this summer, try and bring a little ‘summer’ into your daily schedule. Have your morning breakfast or coffee in your garden or balcony or take your lunch outside each day.



2. Summer reading lists are all abound at this time of year and whether you’re hitting the beach or just the park, carve out some time to catch up on some reading.  Check out our suggestions here.



3. Look up, look down, listen, smell; use all your senses and notice the changes that Mother Nature brings this time of year. Make a point of doing this daily.



4. Go barefoot. Make sure to spend some time barefoot this summer. They say there are plenty of benefits to planting our barefoot on the ground and whether you are on the beach or on the grass make sure to give it a go.



5. Why not start a summer project if you haven’t already? Whether it’s to print some photos and frame them or start that blog you’ve been meaning too. It doesn’t matter what it is, but use the summer to commemorate and work on a project. It will be something that reminds you of these warmer months right through to winter.



6. Don’t over plan every weekend; leave some free time to do absolutely nothing. In the winter hibernating might feel like a natural thing to do, but we also need to do this in the summer too. Pad around your home or garden for a whole weekend, reading, gardening and enjoying the lighter early mornings and late nights.



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