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Planning to travel in 2015, then how about our top 5 secret island destinations to explore:

Balesin, Philippines

We talk about The Philippines a lot at Maison du Maillot and for good reason. This beautiful country never ceases to excite our wanderlust bug.   Balesin Island is a short 25-minute plane ride from Manila and offers an unmatched tropical island paradise. There is only one resort on the island, Balesin Island Club. With over 7 kilometres of stunning white sand beaches and some stunning sunsets, come here to relax or take part in the huge number of water sports and island activities.

Best time to go: October - April

What to pack: : The Saigon Swimsuit

Fave activity: A toss up between karaoke and water-skiing


Hayman Islands, Australia

Australia has so much to offer and our newest discover is the stunning Hayman Islands. Tucked in the most northerly of the Whitsunday Island in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, this private island resort is a serious luxurious getaway.

Best time to go: November - February

What to pack:  Dahlias Kaftan

Fave activity:  Diving and snorkelling


Lau, Fiji

The Lau Islands in Fiji are mostly undeveloped and have a wild, natural charm to them. With only two guesthouses, no restaurants and around 20 tourists visiting a year, you will get to experience island life as the locals do and have an insight into true South Pacific culture.   The rich geography allows for a range of delicious fruits and seafood, so be sure that you will eat well, but do read up on the islands before heading here – this kind of remote outpost isn’t for every traveller.

Best time to go: October - March

What to pack: Farah Kaftan

Fave activity: Snorkelling


Benguerra Island, Mozambique

Benguerra is a tropical island destination that is filled with a variety of flora and fauna. Nearly 150 species of bird, inland lakes, forests, sand dunes and pristine coral reefs.   Spend your days snorkelling and your evenings eating the daily catch by the local fisherman, and if you are lucky enough catch a glimpse of the rare ‘sea cow’ dugong.

Best time to go:  Year round

What to pack: Tulum Dress

Fave activity: Deep-sea fishing

 Ilha de Boipeba, Bahia Brazil

One of the Eastern most provinces of Brazil, Bahia is rich with history, culture and nature.  The outpost on our sights here is Boipeba, a back to nature island. This isn’t the place for those who want a luxurious resort and amenities; Ilha de Boipeba is a tranquil, unspoiled getaway. Come here to listen to birdsong in the morning, snorkel in the reefs in the day and catch beautiful sunsets at night.

Best time to go:  November – March

What to pack: Cabazon Bikini

Fave activity: Hiking

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