New Year's Resolutions: 2018

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And how to achieve them!



As the saying goes, “New Year, New You”. Traditionally, January is the universal “resolutions month” for the year ahead. If we’re being completely honest, the goals that we set for ourselves at the beginning of every year are rarely feasible and most of them end up being forgotten after a few weeks (dry January, anyone…?!). However, it is still important to set resolutions and to keep learning and always improving oneself.


There are a few ways of making sure this year’s resolutions are successful. First of all, make sure your goals are ones you actually want to achieve. Second, be realistic and don’t set too many of them; you’ll get frustrated if you don’t accomplish them all. It’s better to focus on a few and actually try to realise them. Third, make a plan that involves the necessary steps and tools to help you achieve your goals – to this end, we’ve found a few useful apps that might be of help.


We’ve rounded up several resolutions for you take inspiration from (spoiler alert: they’re achievable too!).



Mindfulness – Every day stress, work and social media can lead to anxiety and losing touch with reality and what is truly important. It is fundamental to make time for oneself and to take a break from time to time. Headspace is a free app that helps increase positivity and mindfulness by teaching you how to practice meditation for at least a few minutes on a daily basis.



Self-improvement - Most people set the goal of working on themselves somehow – this can involve working on self-confidence, leadership, or just being a being a better person in general. There are several courses you can sign up for, or just try to be more aware of your behaviour on a daily basis. You can set the realistic goal of doing at least one good, altruistic action every day, or week. Free app Bloom* (only for iOS) lets you plant “seeds of productivity” and sends you reminders so you don’t forget.



Weight Loss – This is one of the most common resolutions. Instead of thinking “I have to lose x amount of weight”, or hoping you’ll look like a fitness model after hitting the gym a few times, try to set the goal of adopting a healthier lifestyle all round. Eating better and moving more will not only make you look better but most importantly, feel better. Who said eating healthy has to be boring? The Blender Girl Smoothies is an app that matches your mood to any smoothie, while EatingWell provides you with over 200 healthy gourmet recipes.



Fitness Challenge – Whether you’re a fitness junkie or relatively new to working out, there’s always space for improvement. A realistic goal can be to improve your flexibility or strength, or to sign up for a new sport, hobby or gym class. ClassPass allows members to take any class you like in their network of gyms, in case you’re in need of inspiration, or just like to switch it up regularly.



Savings – Who wouldn’t want to save more money? This resolution is also feasible, as long as you decide on a realistic sum to put into savings each month or try a full-on detox – a full month (or more, if you’re up for it!) of no extraneous spending. Alternatively, apps like Chip or Squirrel can help you track how much you spend.



Travel Somewhere New – “Travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”. As much as we agree with the above quote, it can be expensive to travel – don’t let this put you off! This is when an app like Dealray comes in handy, as it tracks low cost airlines and notifies subscribers when there are massive price drops and flash sales.



Read More Books – In the age of social media and digital living, the time to read books seems to be gradually disappearing. Try switching it up; while social media has been proven not to be that great for you, reading a book works wonders for focus, concentration, improving your language skills (even if it is your mother tongue) and stress relief. Goodreads helps you to track the books you’re reading, see what your friends are reading and also gives you the option of participating in book clubs.


Good luck and let us know if your resolution isn’t listed! x

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