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We’re all about trying out anything interesting on the water.


When new Bahraini company Beach Culture launched recently we just had to try their full moon SUP session.    What could be better than a cooling session on the water, the moon bright as can be and a paddle around the National Theatre.

Instructor and Owner Mohanna gave us an intro session and made sure the group stayed safe and had fun. We can’t wait to try more of Beach Culture’s classes, perhaps a spot of Kite Surfing next.





Not the kind of person to lay on the beach with a pina colada in hand? Then how about these new activities popping up at beaches around the world:

1. Water Jet Pack
Ok so this is for those with deep pockets and an urge to fly above the water. With most propel packs taking you about 30 feet above the water and  thrusting about 30 miles an hour, this is a seriously fun way to spend your summer break.

2. BOB scooters
Exploring the underwater seas just got even more exciting with the BOB (Breathing Observation Bubble). This handy device is akin to an underwater scooter that lets you roam around the ocean floor. Now there is no need to wear dive equipment when cruising around the reefs.

3. Jet Powered Surfing

Whether you want to surf on flat water or just go beyond the limits, a jet powered surf board is the latest in technology for reaching high velocities on the water. Most versions have a clean power supply and are silent, which ensures that they don’t disturb the environment around them.


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