Spotlight on the Designer: Charo Ruiz

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Charo Ruiz was born in a family of dressmakers, and started her career as a fashion model in Barcelona. It wasn’t until the late seventies that she fell in love with Ibiza and started making and selling her own designs on the island, soon gathering a following of enthusiasts.


Nowadays, Charo Ruiz is an iconic brand, synonymous with Ibiza style. 


Charo does not follow strict fashion rules and trends, but rather falls into Ibiza’s “Ad Lib” movement, where Ad Lib comes from the latin expression “ad libitum” (“as you please”) and is expressed as the idea of feeling free to wear whatever one wants, as long as its stylish. Ad Lib style is inspired by the 60s and 70s hippy movements that characterised the island of Ibiza, and are a continuous source of inspiration for Charo, together with the nature of the Isla.




Her handcrafted creations have a distinctive style which is identifiable in every new collection. White clothes, see-through materials, natural fabrics, cotton voile and guipure lace are all part of Charo Ruiz Ibiza’s brand identity.

Every creation expresses Ibiza’s free spirit through unique handcrafting techniques and details that make it feminine, hippy and chic at the same time.


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