Spotlight on the Designer: Pitusa

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The ‘Spotlight on the Designer’ is an all-access interview with the brands and designers behind Maison du Maillot. For many of them this is their first time they will be available in this part of the world and we want to know what they wear, how they create and what inspires them!

This week we interview Clara Lago, the Miami based designer of our favourite candy coloured abayas.

Tell us a little about your Pitusa: Pitusa started out of my longing for colourful fun clothing that was comfy and good quality.

What or who inspires you, and why? Places inspire me. Peru, where we produce has been a huge influence on the Pitusa designs

What was the inspiration behind your newest collection? The attire of Ancient Roman.

What is your favourite piece from your recent collection and why? The Goddess Dress, it is elegant but still comfy.

Do you have anything in the future you are really excited about for your brand? Opening a Pitusa Store.

What is your one piece of advice/motto you would give to any designer who is starting up or considering starting up? Learn from your mistakes and other people’s mistakes.

Where are your favourite beaches/pools around the world and why? Las Salinas Beach, Jockey Beach Club, Ibiza, the food is delicious and I love that beach. Soho Beach Club Miami, It’s home for us and also Eddé Sands Beach Resort in Beirut.


What are your beach bag essential? Pitusa beach bag for starters so I can fit everything, Pitusa espadrilles, Sun Cream, 3 Bikinis, More Sun Screen, a good book, my camera, a hat...

What is your own signature beach style? I am not sure I have one as everything I wear I sell, so I am probably not the only one wearing it to the beach : )

And finally, do you have any top tips for staying stylish by the pool/beach and if so, what is it? Always take a spare change of clothing.


5quick ‘getting to know you holiday’ questions: 

1.     Bikini or One-piece Bikini
2.     Heels or flats Flats
3.     Beachside or Poolside Beachside
4.     Deserted island or Party island Deserted Island
5.     Book or Music Book

Thank you Clara!

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