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Who said you need a gym membership to stay fit? With dozens of smartphone apps to choose from, there's really no excuse for not exercising! We've picked out a selection of our favourites apps that will help you stay in shape, wherever you are.




Power 20 – The app’s slogan is “Quick workouts for quick results”, and they sure do deliver on that promise. Power 20 provides a series of 20-minute full body workouts that can be done anywhere, without any professional gym equipment. The inbuilt timer helps with the series, and the carefully explained demo exercises give you a clear idea of how to execute the movements correctly. A must-have if you’re heading off on holiday for a few weeks and want to stay in shape. Available both in the free version, and in Pro for $2.99. Editor's favourite.


FitStar Personal Trainer – This app initially asks for your feedback on introductory sessions and provides workout routines based on your estimated fitness level, adapting the exercises and evolving with your progress. It also tracks overall fitness, and is compatible with other apps such as MyFitnessPal, Health App and Fitbit. FitStar is also compatible with the Apple Watch, although some features require a subscription (between $8 and $40 per year).


Strava – If you're a fan of running and cycling outdoors, this free app is for you. Specifically developed for otdoors sports, Strava uses your GPS to track your runs and cycling routes. It also allows you to track your progress, race along routes set by others and measure all sorts of data, including distance, speed and elevation. Strava can be paired with a heart-rate monitor for an even more thorough experience, as well as different watches and trackers.




Charity Miles – If you’re looking for some motivation to start running, this is the perfect app for you. Charity Miles provides a list of nine affiliated charities for you to select from, and if you run the app before exercising it donates $0.25 cents for each mile you cover to your charity of choice. You must share your workout on Facebook or Twitter for the charities to actually receive the donations, but all considered it’s a small price to pay for doing some good (both for yourself and for others)! The app is free to download.


Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere – Free for IOS and Android, this yoga app provides different sessions that range from 15 to 90 minutes and can be done anywhere, as long as you have a mat. The exercises range from beginner to intermediate, the app creates new sequences every time you use it, so you never get bored. An ad hoc, matching music playlist with clear vocal instructions adds a real studio feel to the whole experience. Loved by yoga addicts worldwide.


FIT Radio – This app is great for everyone struggling to find a good or new workout playlist. FIT Radio is a music streaming app that offers DJ-created mixes that maintain a steady beat throughout. A series of different mixes are available and can be searched in the app by music genre, DJ, and type of workout (for example Zumba, or Yoga). FIT Radio is free to use, but the free version only grants access to a few mixes. Premium membership is $3.99 per month.


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Writer: Parissa Venturini @Pari_VV
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