The Stress Cure: A Staycation

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A staycation - we had heard about the cure for stress, the remedy for relaxation and the easiest way for revitalisation, but had never tried it ourselves. Until recently that is. A night at one of Bahrain's top 5 star hotels turned us into staycation converts.

It had been an exhausting week and getting home late on Thursday night, for once instead of flopping in front of the TV with a take out menu and pyjamas turned into a quick, pack your tiny overnight bag in 5 minutes and get out the house event.   I have to say packing for an overnight trip, to a hotel 5 minutes away, I have never done before. Normally it such an ordeal of what to wear, what to take, how to fit it into my suitcase! But this was the easiest kind. JADETribe Nicole bag, check. Toothbrush, check. Clean clothes for the next day, check. Phone charger, check. And voila we were out of the house!

Arriving a mere few minutes later at the Movenpick Bahrain felt exciting. Something new for my Thursday night. We swiftly checked in and headed to the 'Thursday Night Out' dinner.  The husband and I quickly nestled into our table a deux, before ordering from the unlimited alcohol (well we weren't driving tonight!) choice - bubbles for me, hops for him.

Then it was on to surveying the food choices. As a regular Movenpick brunch goer, I knew the quality and choice of dishes would be great and it was delighted to find new items for me to chose from. I started methodologically working my way from food station to food station, it seemed the only way to ensure nothing passed my hungry gaze.   The seafood for starters seemed a luxurious way to start the weekend and so I tried a range of smoked salmon,  carpaccio and mussels. This was certainly a world away from my usual Thursday night food delivery.  From here we tried the tender steak and delicately seared salmon, of course ending our meal with Movenpick's signature ice cream. The live band and bustling room was great to see and the crowd had that 'end of the week' buzz to them.

Waking the next morning and opening the curtains was when we could really take in the beautiful surrounding.  The corner suite looks out over the sea and skyline of Bahrain, while the huge balcony allowed us to sit and really take in the gorgeous view. This was really starting to feel like a holiday and a much needed one at that.    Trying to peel myself from the view was pretty tough, but the spa experience was waiting.

The Rimal Spa at Movenpick was opened in November of last year and a welcome addition to this lovely hotel. We were greeted by the friendly staff who provided a tour of the spa, which they were clearly proud of and delighted in showing to us. Every detail has been thought of here and the Men's and Women's were both as luxurious as each other. From the beautiful design to the warm elegance, we knew we were in for a treat.   I've never had a doubles massage, so this was another first for the staycation weekend and we were recommended to try the Thai massage. Why? because it was still early in the day so we wanted to walk out energised rather than sleepy for the rest of the day - a wise choice by the spa staff.

After an hour of being pulled, stretched, massaged and pummelled - I walked out of the spa with a spring in my step.   From here we walked around the rest of the hotel - the gym had a nice buzz to it, the brunch goers were starting to arrive but mostly I wanted to see the stunning pool. Nestled by the sea the infinity pool looked really inviting. A few brave souls were already perched with tanning lotions and book in hand, but for me I will wait till it warms up a bit more before coming back here for some serious pool time.

And so with this perfect ending to my first (and certainly not last) staycation weekend, we drove home feeling revived, fresh and ready for the the week ahead.

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