Trend Report: Earth Tones

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Earth tones are warm, rich colours inspired by the elements of nature: the earth, plants, leaves, berries, dirt, rocks and water. The beauty of this trend is that within it, everyone can find different hues that naturally enhance and complement their skin-tone and colours. Earth tones are universally flattering and pleasant to the eye, as they are subconsciously perceived as being natural.;


While this is not a new trend, it is one that regularly makes a comeback in fashion, usually focusing on one colour tone or palette. For this season, the focus on Earth tones is heavy, and sees both monotone looks and combinations of different shades.


While Earth tones are most certainly partly inspired by fall colours, their use in fashion is not only restricted to the autumnal months. A rich bronze can be paired with white to enhance a natural sun-kissed glow in the summer. Nudes and light pinks give the silhouette a soft, natural look. Burgundy and jade are vibrant colours that make for understatedly chic summer evening outfits.; 


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Writer: Parissa Venturini @Pari_VV
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