What to bring: In flight essentials

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Summer is almost here, meaning a season of holidays and long weekends away is almost upon us. While you’ve probably been dreaming about this moment and mentally packing your favourite outfit, it’s also important to pack a few essentials that will keep you looking and feeling your best while you’re en route to your dream destination. Whether your flight is long or short, the items we have picked will make your journey a complete breeze.


1. Comfort is key, so of course the first point is a big holdall bag to fit all you need, including your laptop. Make sure it’s sturdy but also flexible, as you may want to keep it under the seat in front of you.


2. Planes can potentially turn into the worst of places hen your in-flight neighbour is under the age of 5, or a snorer. Noise cancelling earphones will block out all that unpleasant noise – plus you can pay your own banging tunes and get into the holiday mood!


3. Stay away from in-flight booze or coffee if you can as they’ll only make you more dehydrated. Bring some coconut water with you (it hydrates five times quicker than water!) and keep drinking water throughout the flight.


4. It’s important to stay hydrated on the outside as well, so make sure you pack a light moisturiser to apply to your face and hands every few hours. It will help you both look and feel fresh.


5. Planes are usually quite cold, so an oversized scarf is something you should most definitely pack in your travel bag. It can also double up as a pillow or blanket, as required.


6. On long haul flights, the best thing you can do is try to get some sleep. Having a nap will help you arrive at destination rested and ready to go, as well as making your flight seem shorter. This works: Deep Sleep pillow spray is infused with a blend of natural essential oils, and promises to help you fall asleep faster and more peacefully. Spritz it on your pillow or scarf and snooze away.


7. If you don’t like sleeping on planes, then you’ll most likely need a good read to keep pass the time. Why take only one book when you could take several? The Kindle e-reader is light and easy to pack; a must for every travel.


8. Take your own healthy snacks to avoid relying on the airplane ones, usually overly salty and always. Easy-to-pack snacks include cereal bars, trail mixes and fruit.


9. Everyone who travels quite often has gotten sick from travelling at least once or twice. Taking vitamin C can help your immune system ward those germs away (and it definitely can’t hurt!).


10. On long-haul flights you want to be comfortable, so taking a pair of socks is always a good idea. Whether they’re flight compression socks or comfy woolly socks you can sleep in, they won’t take up much space in your bag and you’ll most likely be glad you brought them with you.

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