Contributions: Water Is Life

Maison du Maillot takes social responsibility seriously.

We look to be ambassadors in our day-to-day lives and aspire to incorporate our beliefs and values into the company.

From the outset we pledge to donate 1% of all sales to helping communities around the world get access to clean water.

We have selected the charity WATERisLIFE to partner with.

WATERisLIFE is an international charity that provides clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene education programs to schools and villages to those in desperate need. The global water crisis can be daunting and WATERisLIFE focuses on making impact – community by community.


Symbol: 🍃

Seeking out labels that provide a positive impact to artisans, creators and the environment is important to us.

If you see a 🍃 symbol on a designer page this means that the designer is making a positive impact in some way – whether this is through protecting artisans and their craft, enhancing the lives of women or using recyclable materials.

We all have a responsibility to give back and the 🍃 symbol demonstrates that this brand is working to do this somehow.

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